MDP Programme Overview

Higher Certificate in Management Development (MDP)


It is becoming increasingly difficult for companies and individuals to survive in today’s volatile and highly competitive global and domestic business environment.

The only absolute in this environment is that radical innovation and change are inevitable. This new business order demands new ways of thinking, new ways of managing, and new ways of working. Thus, of utmost importance in this new order is the extent to which companies invest in their capacity to innovate and change (aligning with current and future realities) that is, making their human capital and business models “revolution-ready”.

The Centre for Business Dynamics, under the banner of the Business School at the University of the Free State, will help you and your company stay competitive by bridging the gap between your existing skills and competencies and those required. We will make it our priority that you meet the challenges and opportunities presented, distinguish yourself from your competitors, and achieve higher performance. Our large portfolio of products and services, coupled with a network of national and international experts, enables us to offer tailormade, state-of-the-art organisational and personal development solutions. From customised executive education programmes, workshops and consultations, to strategy and leadership development — we have it all. Make the call today and start investing in your success and the fulfilment of your dreams.


Grade 12 and/or 3 years’ management experience and/or a manager’s recommendation.


Rules and regulations available on request.



The duration of the programme is approximately 1 year.


The MDP programme involves resource-based learning for adults. This means self-study with the aid of course guides. Assessments include assignments and open-book examinations.

Language Medium

A team of lecturers with vast experience in different fields of management, leadership, entrepreneurship, etc. present the Management Development Programme in parallel medium of English.

Programme registration and fee

The programme fee is available on request and includes all study material. The closing date for registration is November for commencement the following year. Do note that the programme can be customised and offered on an in-house basis for companies across South Africa.

Acknowledgement and Accreditation

After the successful completion of the programme, the participant will receive a certificate issued and endorsed by the UFS. Awarding of certificates will take place at a certificate ceremony. The MDP is also credit-bearing towards the Bachelors in Management and Leadership (BML).